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The collections are of great historical importance. The palaeontological collections include the collections of William Buckland, John Phillips, Sir Charles Lyell, Lhwyd, Hawkins, Grindrod, Philpot, Arkell and Wager. Of particular note are Faustino Corsi's collection of over 1,000 samples of decorative rocks and John MacCulloch's collection of geological material from Scotland. There are further collections of Arctic rocks.

Bivalve from the collection

The following is a list of articles detailing the lives of those who have contributed to the collections.

Robert Plot
A brief biography of this important geologist's life and work
Edward Lhwyd
An introduction to the collections of Lhwyd, the earliest geological specimens in the Museum
William Buckland
The first Reader in Geology at the University, and the first person to scientifically describe a dinosaur
Buckland's journey to the Continent
In 1816 Buckland travelled to Europe with the geologists George Greenough and William Conybeare
Lawrence Wager
Known for his pioneering geological work in Greenland

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