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We are launching a number projects over the coming months to promote our collections to researchers and give the public better access to the treasures in the Archives and Library.

Current and forthcoming projects
William Smith Online
Jones’ ‘Icones’ and the Flying Icons

William Smith Online: the industrial revolution, geological maps and the history of the Earth

William Smith geological map

This project will allow us to catalogue, digitise and make accessible online the Museum’s outstanding archival collection of correspondence, manuscripts, geological maps and sketches related to William Smith’s life and work.

The William Smith project is supported by Arts Council 	England

A programme of events, exhibitions and online resources will be launched at the completion of this project in celebration of the bicentenary of the publication of Smith’s famous geological map in 1815.

Generously funded by the Designation Development Fund of Arts Council England

Jones Icones

Jones’ ‘Icones’ and the Flying Icons

This project is inspired by the Museum’s collection of William Jones of Chelsea (1745-1818), and his most famous work “Papiliones equites tres et archive delineati et picti”, or more popularly, the "Jones’ Icones".

Generously funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the project will allow his work to be digitised and made freely available online. In addition to digitising the archive and specimen collections at the Museum, the project will also allow the Museum’s Library and Archive to develop a range of workshops geared to amateur natural history researchers and students, to be offered late this year.


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