Life Collections

The Life Collections comprise the zoological collections and the Hope Entomological Collections.

The Zoological Collections comprise more than 250,000 specimens, including some 1,000 type specimens. Many extinct and endangered species are represented, including the most complete remains of a dodo in the world. Notable collections include those of Thomas Bell, William Burchell, and Charles Darwin.

Butterflies in the collection

Moths in the collection

Within the United Kingdom, the Hope Entomological Collections are second in size and importance to the national insect collection at the Natural History Museum, London. The collection houses over 25,000 arthropod types, and comprises over 5 million specimens. Of particular significance are:

To find out more, please search the entomological collections and the associated archives.

Enquiries regarding the collections should be sent to:

Davies, K.C. and Hull, J. The Zoological Collections of the Oxford University Museum
For information about the Zoological Collections please download this free version. Complete book, 6630Kb

Smith, A. 1986. A History of the Hope Entomological Collections
For information about the Entomological Collections and associated academics please download this free version.
Complete book, 9597Kb
For slower internet connections it may be easier to download the book in four separate parts.
Part one, 5270Kb
Part two, 1534Kb
Part three, 3009Kb
Part four, 488Kb

Stanley Bowestead and Thomas M. Eccles, 2012. Drawing Techniques for Publication Download

Children can discover the world of animals in the Learning zone
Children can discover the world of insects in the Learning zone

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