We love families! This is a family friendly museum and you and your children are very welcome at any time. The Museum building is spacious and light, so perfect for little ones to explore and discover the wonders of the natural world.

The Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers Museum were the joint winners of the Family Friendly Museum Award in 2005.

Choose from the menu on the left to find out about Family Friendly Events, for trails to download ready to explore the Museum, and for some activities to try when you get home. Have fun!

Finding your way around
The Museum of Natural History is very easy to get around, with just 2 floors to navigate. When you arrive, you can pick up a gallery plan, or ask our friendly staff for directions.

Toilets & Baby Changing
As well as male and female and disabled toilets near the entrance, there is also a very large ‘family-sized’ disabled toilet at the bottom of the lift, near the Museum Annexe. There are baby changing facilities in both disabled toilets. Please ask if you need directions to find them.

The Museum now has a beautiful, lively café on the upper gallery. There are child-friendly options available and families are always welcome. Why not enjoy a break while over-looking the dinosaurs!

Buggy access
You are welcome to bring your buggy into the Museum, as our wide aisles (built for Victorian ladies in crinolines!) make it easy to get around. If you require lift access, you can enter at the right hand side (South side) of the museum and use the lift there. Once inside, you can use the lift to access the upper gallery. Please ask if you need any help at all.

Unfortunately we can’t allow any eating in the Museum, other than in the café, because crumbs attract pests, which eat our specimens! But we do have a lovely big lawn outside, which you are very welcome to use for a picnic and a run-around.

Family Friendly Trolley
Just next to the Welcome Desk, you can find our trolley, packed full of a variety of museum trails for different age groups, plus paper and pencils for museum sketching.

Touchable Specimens
Give Mandy the Shetland pony a stroke, touch a real dinosaur egg or tickle a wallaby’s chin! There are lots of special specimens in the Museum that can give you and your family a multi-sensory experience. We like Please Touch signs!

Visitors with support needs
If you are visiting with a child on the autistic spectrum, you may find our About the Museum and Planning Your Visit guides useful.

If you have any questions or comments about family provision at the Museum of Natural History, please do get in touch: education@oum.ox.ac.uk


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