Families: trails and crafts

KS4 students explore the collections

Museum Trails
There are trails available at the Museum, but you may prefer to download and print one before you visit. These trails can all be printed in black and white, on A4 paper and are 2 pages long. Pencils are available at the Museum, if you forget to bring your own!

Track down the Museumís dinosaurs and tick off each one as you find it.
Dinosaur Detective Trail

Why is a peacock so pretty? Why does a toad need a brightly coloured belly? Find out in our camouflage and colouration trail. Best for children 6+
Creature Colours Trail

Explore the Museumís beautiful and bizarre birds; from the famous dodo to the adventurous swift. Simply tick off once youíve tracked them down.
Breathtaking Birds Trail

A fun counting trail around the Museum with a dice to make when you get home. Best for younger children.
Museum Dice Trail

Crafts to make at home
Enjoyed your visit? Want to continue the Museum experience back at home? Why not print out one of these crafts to make on a rainy day? A template sheet and instructions are included, along with a list of simple materials that you will need to make them. All of the craft sheets are best printed/copied onto thin card and some are best on A3.

Dodo feet

Dodo Feet
Dodo feet sheet
Dodo Feet instructions
Very simple, suitable for all ages

Moth mask

Moth Mask
Moth mask sheet
Moth mask instructions
Very simple, suitable for all ages


Myrtle the Turtle
Myrtle the Turtle sheet
Myrtle the Turtle instructions
Very simple, suitable for all ages


Peacock Headdress
Peacock Headdress sheet
Peacock Headdress instructions
A little bit trickier, best for children 6+

Red Kite

Red Kite Mobile
Red Kite Mobile sheet
Red Kite Mobile instructions
A little bit trickier, best for children 6+
Best copied back to back on A3 card


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