The museum has a changing series of exhibitions and smaller displays. Our current exhibitions are listed below. See also Previous Exhibitions.


From the arrival of the earliest modern humans to the people of the present day, Settlers tells the dynamic story of Britain's ever-changing population as revealed by genetics, archaeology and demography.
This special exhibition is accompanied by newly-commissioned artwork by visual artist Ian Kirkpatrick, and a special events programme.
From 9 February - 16 September 2018
Settlers website
Settlers event programme

Into the Woodlands Exhibition
Into the Woodlands
Eight hundred years ago, the Charter of the Forest gifted public access to Britain's woodlands, to be used and enjoyed by all. Marking this anniversary, and celebrating 75 years of Wytham Woods, this display features woodland-inspired work by Robert Macfarlane, Stanley Donwood, Robin Wilson, Rosie Fairfax-Cholmeley and Richard Lawrence.
From 30 November - 25 June
Wytham Room, First Floor

Smaller displays


Argonauts: Astronauts of the Sea
Argonauts: Astronauts of the Sea
These beautiful shells, sometimes called paper nautiluses, are not true shells like those of other molluscs but the paper-thin constructions of octopuses in the genus Argonauta.
From 2 May - 3 July

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Community Case

Community case
Illustrating Life
Within the Life Collections here at the Museum we get people visiting us for many reasons. Among the visitors are artists who want to use our specimens as inspiration for their work. Art students may use our specimens for a specific project, or as this display demonstrates, there are artists that have been being inspired by the collections for years. This case allows us to showcase their art work. Some of the pieces here are shown together with the specimens that were used to inspire them.
Until 1 July

Research Case

Research case

Stone Age Primates
The remarkable use of tools by non-human primates, based on research from the University of Oxford’s Primate Archaeology Project.

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